About Dan

Commissioning Day, United States Navy

My Story

I’ve spent more than a decade, in one capacity or another, serving my country. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some of the best training in the world from a variety of schools, programs, and experts over the years. I’ve also used this training in the real world, and I learned how to implement these skills and tactics since making the crossover to the private sector.

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I started my first business in 1998 and since then I’ve created helped build several successful companies. I have encountered both success and failure, but each time I learned a valuable lesson, helping me develop a mindset to persevere. It’s accurate to say I been through situations that I never could have imagined but each experience has helped shape and guide my philosophies on family, business, and the things which are most important. While I cannot disclose the details of many of the clients we have served, or the specific work we have done, references are available upon request.

Next Steps…

My 30+ years of business experience have ranged from the Fortune 500 corporate world, to a startup which grew to over $30M in revenues with very healthy profits. This translates into valuable first-hand knowledge which I can use to help you achieve your own goals. For a confidential discussion, feel free to reach out and email us. Most family office operations rely solely upon the counsel of lawyers who typically have one way of doing things; the same old way they’ve done it for years. I believe good lawyers, accountants and specialists can provide a wealth of knowledge, and I rely heavy upon these experts for things like proper structure and protection. That being said, we like to take a holistic approach to every situation and offer a fresh perspective. If this sounds like something your team would benefit from, let us know.