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Celebrating my birthday with my wife Sarah in
Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest

Family Office Management

Managing a family office can seem overwhelming. Depending on the magnitude of your operations, you may require a lot of assistance tending to these matters. We (my family!) belong to an informal network of other family offices, varying in size, which provides a great environment to learn and grow. This network has greater resources and can direct us towards others teams of professionals with the proper skill set needed to succeed. This includes lawyers, accountants, and other professionals with a variety of skill sets. In addition, we belong to a network which sources and vets potential investment opportunities for the group to evaluate.

The most common question I hear is How Much of my portfolio should be invested in Real Estate? Cash? The market? Hard Assets? Etc…That’s not an easy question to answer as no two persons have the exact same risk vs reward profiles. What might be completely comfortable to one person may be scary to someone else. This kind of asset allocation can become difficult as most entrepreneurs tend to stay in their comfort zones, meaning they invest in what they know best. Sound good? It’s also a great way to overlook amazing opportunities.

To be clear, we do NOT give Investment Advice. It should be noted that the almost every market, including the equity markets, are highly volatile. The best tool is education. If we had a crystal ball and could predict the future, everyone would be retired living on an island.

Where do I start?

Start with knowledge. There is a plethora of information available online. You can literally Google and find almost anything including You Tube videos on How To! Also, if you have not already done so, check out my blog where I address a lot of the basics of business, my favorite terms, and useful tools and other things you should know.

Join a networking group, expand your circle and pick up a new hobby! An expression I use a lot is “…you are a reflection of the ten people you surround yourself with most!” If you want to make a change and take control of your life, start by looking at the people you surround yourself with! Do they Inspire you? Do you Aspire to be more like them?

Living our best life is centered around eating clean and healthy, and always supporting each other

Strategic Advisor/Mentor/Board Member

I’ve spent most of my career in the service of my country both in and out of uniform. Over the past 30+ years I’ve developed a perspective on matters related to financial health, business success & wellness. While I won’t talk much about this here, if you have a need regarding these matters or other personal issues, let’s talk. Also, feel free to check out my blog where I review a variety of topics from Crypto to Health! Why not take advantage of the successes and failures I have been through so you can learn what to do, and what to avoid? Feel free to reach out for a confidential discussion to see how we can assist you, your team, and your family with achieving your goals and dreams.