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Family Office Management

Managing a family office can seem overwhelming. Depending on the magnitude of your operations, you may require a lot of assistance tending to these matters. We (my family!) belong to an informal network of other family offices, varying in size, which provides a great environment to learn and grow.

Wellness Advocate

How can your life be in balance if you don’t have physical, mental and emotional health? I realized this in my own life after experiencing a world class roller-coaster ride through my 40’s (and now 50’s)! Check out my blog, and my IG account, to learn more about my journey towards health & wellness over age 50!

This is NOT a business. We don’t charge people money or offer services here. It’s merely an informational site to help you better understand how to manage your life, business and family goals!

Family Office Manager

Managing a Family Office is creating a strategic plan to build, monitor, and adjust the moving pieces over time in order to achieve your goals and objectives for your family, your life, and the Legacy you want to leave.

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Entrepreneur, Founder of Powr Plant Nutrition

You’ve become an Expert in your field…whether it’s technology, finance, manufacturing, or more…but you need a fresh set of eyes to give you a different view about your own health and well-being!

It’s true that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again, and again, but expecting a different result!

Complex situations do not always require complex solutions. One of my earliest mentors taught me the value of KISS methodology – keeping it simple!

How can you help others, help your family, and help yourself if you are not healthy physically, mentally and emotionally?

Eat Like Your Life Depends On It!

I looked at a picture of myself on Father’s Day 2019, and it was hard to recognize the guy in the picture! To make it worse, I just reviewed my blood work with my primary care doctor, and it wasn’t great. My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was elevated, and I weighed 275 lbs. Something had to change!

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Strategic Adviser

I’ve spent most of my career in the service of my country both in and out of uniform. Over the past 30+ years I’ve developed a unique perspective on all matters related to health & wellness, as well as security and strategy, and more. While I won’t talk much about this here, if you have a need regarding these matters or other personal issues, let’s talk.

Next Steps…

Please reach out to me for a Confidential Discussion to determine if we can help you achieve your life goals!