Dan Lounsbury Family Office celebrates establishment of Legacy Growth Services

One year ago today, Dan Lounsbury established a Family Office in South Florida with the goal of building a legacy for his family. Today, that effort is evolving as he adjusts his strategy based on his own past business challenges.

Lounsbury picked up knowledge and experience in investing and stock markets working with Merrill Lynch after moving to the D.C. Metro area shortly after leaving the Navy. But that’s not what his Family Office is about.

“Let the experts do what they do best,” Said Lounsbury. Creating a strategy for growth of a family’s legacy is a dynamic process. It’s so much more than just asset management. And while asset management is the one aspect most firms concentrate on because it generates fees, Lounsbury doesn’t. Instead, he focuses on what he calls Legacy Growth Services (LGS).

But without capital to attract the attention of big-name management firms and trust offices, Lounsbury has spent a lot of time learning from successful people around him – lawyers, accountants, business owners, and other mentors who had developed their own custom strategies. It’s these lessons, learned over a career of diverse business challenges that led him to helping others build their own legacies.

“Going through my experiences, which culminated with my legal troubles, forced me to analyze a lot of complex issues and matters in my life and create a plan to sustain all the important aspects of my life – that is what Legacy Planning is to me. Its a little bit disaster prevention and protection, and a little bit preparing for the unexpected. A life prepper.”

Lounsbury has been through a perfect storm of challenges, both personal and business-related. He went through a difficult divorce in 2015, lost his mom in 2018, and has fought lawsuits and federal court cases – and lost. But it’s exactly those experiences that he feels drive his current successes.

“Celebrating one year of a successful Family Office means the world to me,” said Lounsbury. To learn more about Lounsbury’s services, visit DanLounsbury.com

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