Legacy Growth Services

After spending several years learning how to build, create, protect, and grow my legacy it became apparent to me that I would have appreciated the guidance and assistance of a friend or someone else whom went through the challenges I was facing.

As a result, we coined the term Legacy Growth Services (LGS). What does it mean? Simple; we analyze every aspect of your business, your life and your goals. Then, we take these components and build a plan to help you achieve all of your goals.

You have created your base for today, but what will that look like 1, 25, or even 100 years from now after you and I are gone? That is the basic concept of Legacy Growth. Like me, you want to take what you have built and create a way to ensure it will “STG”…Survive, Thrive and Grow! It’s not just a financial plan, or an estate plan. Your lawyers, financial advisers and accountants will help you with that. We evaluate everything from YOUR side of the table to build a strategy with no hidden agenda, no success fees, nothing.

You will hear me talk a lot about these three aspects of Legacy Growth over the coming years. I am not talking about asset management or investing. That’s not what I do nor will I attempt to give you investment advice. Instead, LGS is about understanding the entire aspect of your life and the legacy you want to build.

For some of my friends, its quite complex. I will take you through examples in this blog without revealing names or disclosing the identities of friends and clients. The purpose of this is to help you realize that a true strategy for STG requires a plan.