This Challenge Just Might Save You!

Welcome back! If you have been following me or read any of my posts you must be bored! Or did you notice that I took some time off? The real question is why? Because I challenged myself to take some time off and focus on the things that were important to me.

As a result, I have this challenge for you! It just may save your life, your career, your marriage/relationship, and more! Are you ready?

STOP! Take a break and slow down! My challenge is simple and as follows;

Tell your family and friends you are taking a 24 hour break, then turn everything off. No phone, no social media, no television or radio. Nothing. Can you do it?

There is no doubt that across this country and around the world we are all dealing with the challenges of COVID in different ways. As if that were not enough, we are facing unprecedented level of racial tension, political upheaval, and divisions that are tearing our country and our lives apart.

In a world that has become accustomed to having information at our fingertips, it’s overwhelming to have so much bad news being slammed in our faces no matter where we turn.

Social media like IG and FB? It seems everyone ranting on and on about the challenges they face and how the world problems are impacting their lives. It’s hard NOT to absorb these feelings and the stress that friends, family and everyone has during these times.

The evening news on whatever channel you watch? It’s nothing but reports of violence, riots, protests, or the latest COVID stats and why everyone in my state of Florida refuses to take precautions.

Then there are the conspiracy theories (it’s all a big scam), the end of the world preppers, the pissed off sports fans, the Us vs. Them groups, and on and on.

I am NOT advocating that you should not care about matters that are important. Not at all. What I am suggesting is to take a break! I wrote a little about this back in March when the COVID crisis first broke, in my article titled “What Do I Tell My Family During this Global Crisis?” (if you didn’t read it, go back please!)

          I am also NOT a doctor, so I am not prescribing a magical feel good pill that will make all your worries and problems disappear by sampling hitting the Off button. What I do know is that stress is on the rise across the country. And stress will kill you. I’ve seen behavior from people I thought I would never have to see, at least not in this country. Why are people acting out with such rage and frustration? Because they are stressed out.

          It’s a simple fact that unplugging from the drama, even for just a short period of time, will put you in a better mood. Plan ho w you want to spend your 24 hours of media freedom! Get outside, take a walk or a bike ride, cook a meal with family, and spend some time to reflect on the things that matter most to you like friends and family.

          Did you know, according to, that 5-10% of Americans meet the criteria for Social Media addiction? Addictive social media use will look much like the symptoms of other substance abuse including mood modification, conflict, and even withdrawal symptoms. If you couple this with the fact that most people use social media as a means for coping with stress, loneliness or depression, it’s understandable why this kind of addiction can become so harmful.

And after you take my 24 hour challenge, ask yourself how you felt before and after? Were you stressing the whole time, wondering whom was doing what, or did you feel better, liberated, and stronger for getting refocused on the things that matter most? I can promise you this; the news will still be there, your friends and family will still love you, and your “followers” will understand. Good luck!